Arménie (Armenia & Nagorno Karabagh) průvodce 4th 2014 BRADT

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About this book:

Rich in both history and spectacular scenery, Armenia is a truly captivating country. Whether seeking out ancient monasteries dotted within dramatic landscapes, wandering through one of Yerevan's impressive museums or admiring the intricate stone carvings at Noratus, you'll find opportunities to delve into this nation's past at every turn. Add to this the welcoming locals, superb hiking possibilities and abundant bird life, and you'll soon discover why Armenia is worth more than just a fleeting visit.

Packed with detailed background information and invaluable, fully updated, practical advice, Bradt's Armenia remains the essential choice for anyone travelling to this beautiful country.

About the author:

Deirdre Holding and her husband, Nicholas, first visited Armenia in 2001, as ordinary tourists. She was closely involved in the preparation of the first two editions of Armenia with Nagorno Karabagh, written by Nicholas, and after he died in 2008 she took over the authorship for the third and now the fourth edition, continuing to visit the country regularly. She is not a member of the Armenian diaspora and can therefore write about the country objectively. Having originally visited as a tourist she knows which aspects need particular explanation for the general tourist but also covers the country in enough detail for the guidebook to be useful to members of the Armenian diaspora.
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