Sinai trekkový průvodce 1st 2013 Trailblazer

turistický průvodce v angličtině

The massive jagged tooth of land between Africa and Asia, the Sinai is the fabled Biblical setting of The Exodus. It's a region of high mountains and sweeping deserts, home to wandering Bedouin tribes, Byzantine monasteries and crumbling Egyptian temples. Walk ancient trails and discover one of the Middle East’s most exciting new trekking destinations.

The Sinai can be trekked all year and it’s on the doorstep of Europe. Budget airlines fly direct and the trekking is affordable if you organise everything independently. Once you finish on trail it’s easy to stay occupied off it at nearby Red Sea resorts with their gin-clear waters and coral reefs.

Highly Commended, Guidebooks, 2014 Awards, Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

Judges' comments: 'the book is so well written, I was left feeling the only thing I needed was the cash for the air fare.'

- Choosing and arranging a trek – When to go; trekking agencies; arranging guides and cameleers

- Practical information – planning your trip, visas, getting to Egypt, travel tips

- Background to Egypt & Sinai – history, people, culture, food, flora & fauna

- Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Taba, El Tur – hotels, restaurants, sights, street plans

- Health, safety & responsible tourism. Trek safely in this fragile regio

- Language – survival Arabic

- Waypoints – downloadable to your GPS.

Includes trekking options from one day to one week (or more) with 74 large-scale trekking maps showing walking times, water sources and all points of interest. Covers treks in the High Mountain, Wadi Feiran and desert regions.

- Mount Sinai (Jebel Musa)
- Jebel Katherina & Jebel Abbas Basha
- Jebel Umm Shomer
- Galt el Azraq
- Jebel el Deir
- Northern Peaks Circuit
- Jebel Serbal Circuit
- Jebel Salla
- Wadi Feiran to Serabit el Khadem
- Ras Shaitan to Ein Hudera
- The Haduda Dune
- Desert Traverse

This is the most comprehensive trekking guide to the Sinai yet published and is an all-in-one travel guide for the peninsula; it's the ONLY book you'll need.

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