The Mekong River: from source to sea, featuring Laos map

skládaná mapa

Laos has been discovered. For centuries this land-locked country in southeast Asia was a sleepy, almost forgotten little principality, sometimes wielding great power but mostly fighting for survival against predatory neighbors. It survived the American Indochina War and emerged as a progressive socialist country. This remote, mountainous country, protected from the ravages of tourism and rapid development, remains pristine and exotic. Laos is still green; its rivers mostly run free. But if you want to see the old Laos you have to move fast. Lovely Laos is located at the heart of romantic Indo-Chine. A precious pearl of a country blessed with natural beauty, exotic flora and rare fauna, Laos also hosts the mighty Mekong river for the larger part of its almost 5,000 kilometre journey from the Tibetan Plateau to the distant sea. Whether you chose to travel Laos by land or by water or both, this illustrated map will enhance your journey both as a pre-trip planner and as a post-trip souvenir, and ensure that you see Laos' lesser known attractions whilst pointing you towards the highlights that include the capital Vientiane, the Khone Phapheng Falls, the World Heritage site at Vat Phou, and the fragile gem of the ancient royal capital, Luang Prabang.
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