Cornwall průvodce 2nd 2015 BRADT

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About this book:

Many of Cornwall's wildest or most curious corners as well as the exciting new range of places to eat, sleep or drink are often overlooked in the headlong race to get to the beach or the well-known tourist spots. Taking the Slow approach, using local knowledge and the author's endless curiosity, this guide offers both visitors and seasoned residents alike the chance to discover what lies behind the immediate and obvious attractions of Britain's favourite holiday destination.

About the author:

Award-winning travel writer, Kirsty Fergusson grew up in the West Country, but spent many years living in Greece, Spain and France and more recently, the wildest, westernmost part of Cornwall, not far from Land's End. For many years she has been one of Britain's most popular garden writers, and her friendly and intelligent approach to exploring the secret gardens and landscapes of England and Europe with her readers has brought much acclaim. An expert on Cornish gardens and Slow Food as well as being an intrepid canoeist and occasional cyclist, Kirsty shares the fun of discovering her favourite county without using a car wherever possible.
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