Faroe Islands 6th 2024 BRADT

průvodce v angličtině

This new, thoroughly updated sixth edition of Bradt’s Faroe Islands remains the only English-language guide to this isolated, unspoiled Nordic archipelago, home to Tórshavn (the world’s smallest capital), and where there are twice as many sheep as people – meaning that it’s still possible to discover a way of life that is fast disappearing elsewhere in Europe, a place where sheep were fitted with cameras to help film for Google Streetview (locally dubbed Google ‘Sheepview’).
Visiting the Faroes is a chance to experience nature in the raw. Its breathtaking landscapes never fail to inspire, from the highest sea cliffs in Europe at Enniberg on the island of Vi?oy to the dramatic seascapes at Akraberg, the southernmost point of the Faroes. Also included are details of how to reach even the remotest corners by bus using a travel card, information on falling seabird numbers in the North Atlantic, and details of where to go sea angling, sea kayaking, birdwatching and horseriding.
Written by expert author James Proctor, who has been visiting the Faroes since 1992, this guidebook offers detailed information about all 18 islands (including Mykines, whose year-round population is barely in double figures). Within the islands themselves, Bradt’s Faroe Islands is recognised as the definitive source of information about the Faroes in the English language – and is widely respected as such. There’s hands-on advice about where to stay and eat, how to get around – be it by local ferry, helicopter or your own hire car – and what to see and do.
This latest edition includes all the most recent developments (including improvements in air, ferry and road travel – the latter including the world’s only subsea roundabout – and an expansion in sea-kayaking opportunities) and provides all the information needed for a successful trip, with updated reviews of accommodation (plus Tórshavn’s classy new hotels), eating and drinking options. Whether you’re visiting for the amazing birdlife, to walk some of Europe’s least-known hiking trails or simply to sample real village life among the turf-roofed houses painted in a melée of reds, yellows and blues, Bradt’s Faroe Islands is the perfect companion.
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